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I remember visiting this museum when working in York, sadly it closed and the collection resides in Japan
although they have plenty of skilled people there to maintain the artifacts

I'm a happy little camper today! Just had an email from my dope club informing me (and all other members) that they'll be open for business from Monday.See! It's classy slinking round council estates to find some shellsuit wearing ratboy and get given a bag of...whatever.They do live music, a menu of different grasses and hash, serve drinks...generally very civilised. All that will be phased in though...from next week it is go in, buy your gear, get out.

Watch this space!!! As the old saying goes...normal service will resume shortly ;)View attachment 475376
Here if you want some green, you text a guy, he texts back a menu and price list and you have it delivered within a couple of hours. Our illicit traders take social distancing very seriously.
Read a book about that,damned if I can remember the name....anyone?
There are a couple (I think two of these are the same book: different titles, same author) ... ring any bells?


Personally I always liked "The Difference Engine" ... alternative history novel set in Victorian Britain where Babbage succeeded in building his mechanical computer, leading to a very technologically advanced 1850s, but all steam powered.

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