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Others ( "flight simmers" ?! ), seem to be more interested in these/this, than my "news feed" now thinks that I am ;) .

Emirates Women Pilot Boeing 777 into Quito | Cockpit Views
•Premiered Mar 8, 2020

JustPlanes joins Emirates Captain Ellen Roz (USA) and First Officer Heidi McDiarmid (Australia) on the flightdeck of the Boeing 777 freighter for a 10 day trip across 4 continents! This video covers the flight from Mexico City to Quito, Ecuador.

Women constitute more than 40% of the total workforce at Emirates with the majority working as cabin crew. Emirates’ female pilots come from over 30 nationalities, covering an age range from 23 to 62 years. Women from over 160 nationalities, including more than 1,100 Emiratis, are employed across the Emirates Group.

Emirates operates the world's largest fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft to well over 100 destiantions. The airline has over 150 in its fleet with a further 125 on order.

Operating since 1991, Just Planes is the leading destination for aviation cockpit content on the web, garnering 1.5 million views daily across social media and nearly a billion all-time views. As the only company with exclusive flight deck access to almost 300 airlines, we are able to release new footage multiple times a week. Whether you’re a pilot, a flight simmer, an avgeek or just a curious traveler, you’ll always find something new and interesting on Just Planes.

(NOTE: This one includes the two women PARKING !!).

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Badly. There's a weak fermented corn or millet/sorghum beer popular in these parts, tastes like rotten veg smells and probably around 2 or 3% ABV, if that. They get utterly rat shit on it and knife the shit out of each other.

From wiki, showing how it's made.

Oh God, sorghum 'beer'. I drank hundreds of gallons of that in Sudan...had to as it takes a huge quantity to get remotely pissed. Generally served in a bucket with a gourd to drink from floating on the top. Classy establishments would sprinkle sugar on the top to make it fizz. Still, it was definitely preferable to the local distilled stuff, aragi, date poison....'fucking vile' does not begin to do it justice. The effect was very peculiar...5 or six glasses and all seems normal,then suddenly's like you've been hit by an express train. Tourist advice re Sudan? Don't even think of going there....unless you have a death wish.
Might be 'old' but I'm very fond of that picture for some strange reason ;)
I guess some folks on here have seen every meme or whatever they're called that's ever been made.
The building of the new Russian armed forces main church has just been completed to the west of Moscow and in time to be dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War.
Having been to a few Eastern Rite services over the years I'm starting to fall in love with all the bling, chanting and incense...

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Mmm. Clearly designed to impress, but in a 'Disney does Russian Orthodox' way. Some of the older churches still have the edge. Know what you mean about the ceremonies, even though I'm not a fan of most religious organisations. The orthodox still retain something of the deep mystery that has been driven to the point of extinction by the sandal-wearing, glassy-eyed tambourine monkeys in these 'ere parts.
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Emmets or Grockles need to be careful where they park when they go out for the day :) :) :)



I guess some folks on here have seen every meme or whatever they're called that's ever been made.
I once posted a meme that had been ' made ' by a family member just an hour or so beforehand so it was brand new . Got an old for my troubles by someone .
That someone had never given me a funny or like in all the months I had been on here but took the time and trouble to give me an old for some strange reason .
Not seen them in ages so was never able to return the compliment .
Yoofs think that they can escape the babylon, hhhhmmmm not really :)



He's been nabbed that often by the same helicopter and ground squad by now, you'd think he'd try a different route...
How do you know? You never read this fucking thread.

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