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Leslie Grantham being marched in to his CM for the killing of a German taxi driver. His escort looks like Rob Brydon.

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The last time I read a copy of The Sun "newspaper" it featured Myra Hindley on the front cover with a two page spread of Grantham opening a supermarket in the middle.

One was being vilified, the other was being glorified. I'll let you guess which was which. Both murderers.


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is it something to do with the cuffs?
The cuffs on the gloves and the fact they look oversized so he’ll grow into them, yes. The hand cuffs, no.

I’ve been watching the ‘Look at Life’ films from the 1960s. They’re brilliant.
Some of the content is of real interest & the language used really is of its time.
There are 25 of them on this blokes channel

This one should be of interest to the old and bold...
Plenty of 60s Berlin & equipment.

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Since the donkey on the shoulders has attracted a lot of interest, some more info...

The donkey became a star, and made the cover of Képi Blanc, the FFL magazine, and then of many other papers...


Why would his escort be wearing those gloves?
The white knitted gloves were standard wear for No 1 Dress back in the day when that meant ‘blues’. At some point when the move to using No 2 dress happened ‘in lieu’ of No 1 dress, presumably the use of the white gloves trickled on for a while in some units?


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Magnet fishing Russian style !
its a Tanksi Komrads
I was about to give you 'an old rating' for, 'Does anybody not read this thread'
But then I realised it was not the same tank,
And, it was not the same thread,
And, it was over ten years ago

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