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Looks like Lidl or Aldi to me.
Might have been, it wasn't me that took the picture it was sent to me by a mate asking if I wanted any.
Looks like Welsh brothels have got the message about social distancing



Young Couple needing time alone from their 8 year old son in the flat.

The only way to pull off a Sunday afternoon “quickie” with their 8 year-old son in the flat, was to send him out on the balcony with a Mars Bar and tell him to report on all the street activities.
Their 8-year old began his commentary as his parents put their plan into operation;
‘There’s a car being towed from the car park,’ he shouted.
‘An ambulance just drove past’
‘Looks like the Andersons have visitors,’ he called out.
‘Matt’s riding a new bike!’
‘Looks like the Sanders are moving!’
‘Jason is on his skateboard!

After a few moments he announced, ‘The Coopers are having a shag!
Startled , his mum and dad shot up in bed!
Dad cautiously called out, ‘How do you know that?’
‘Jimmy Cooper is standing on his balcony with a Mars Bar.’
Is that your voice doing the story narration at the beginning? I watched it, it has potential to do well byt i'd drop the whole "mental health" thing from the marketing full stop. Nobody except public libraries or hospitals want to mix healthcare and gaming. They can still weave their mental health stuff into the game but just dont advertise it. Depression does not spark those positive emotions that lead to people purchasing things, unless it's drugs or self help books.

Serious questions though, if a person chips in £1 or £1000 and the game makes £20 Million, do the backers get a share of the profit or a stake in the company or anything like that?

It seems like we are replacing selling company shares or investments for crowd funding where the backers get a tshirt or something instead.

I'll give them a few quid anyway because i like supporting homegrown industry.
I just asked m'son about your question. The kickstarter is just enough (they hope) to keep the team together while they continue to develop the game and outline. IF a publishing house gets interested, then they will be looking for investors (he thinks). Kickstarter promises don't get any equity in the project itself, and apart from the freebies mentioned in their webpage, do it for giggles.

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