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You are either inside the tank or stood well away from it...

There's no other safe option. Hiding behind a tank for cover is fine until it reverses in a hurry...
Yes . I don't think I would be too happy laying about in the dirt behind it .


Crikey, you're a proper atmosphere hoover aren't you? You don't get or maybe don't like the joke, so try to de-construct it in order that no-one else can either.

You need to get out a bit more.
Shouldn't you be in the MILF thread berating all those 11 stone fat slappers?
M'son has started a Kickstarter to support his new gaming venture, partly about mental health and music.
I've put the link below if anyone wants to support.

MODS. If this is wrong, please remove or move.
Roykfern , the game intro
Has she had plastic surgery, her face looks strained and her skin drawn
And . . . . as though she is using/wearing someone's (much smaller/thinner/skeletal) legs ?! :( .

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