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Ciggie said:
On a serious ecological note, day 13 of utterly ridic. Spanish lockdown, I can't even begin to guess how many tons of latex gloves, plastic gloves and wanky masks have already been binned, to say nothing of kilometers and kilometers of 'Keep Out!' plastic tape cordoning off things like parking areas in National Parks in the middle of nowhere...seen it, it's a farce whuich I continue to give two fingers to. I've been enjoying some fantastic walks, defying the dayglo fucktards, free of ******* in Lycra on bikes or with those pathetic walkie sticks. Silence is golden and one sees far more wildlife. It's fun to apply a little stealth, got nabbed once by a couple of Policia Urbana rozzers on electric mopeds ( damn, stealthier than me!!!) but played the bumbling old fart ( good at that !) and got away with it. Yep, as someone mentioned about 200 pages before yesterday, hard to keep up at the mo! dealer is in lockdown, no worries, not feeling like boozing much either when there are so many opportunities to enjoy the fantastic outdoors here. Haven't been this healthy in years...Thank You Coronavirus, or to give it it's medical name : The ******* Flu. Mind you, I do get the DTs every day...deserted trains !!!!!
Sorry to quote myself, but what on earth is 'dumb'...******* Americanism, shame on you Arrse, about this? It's flu......kindly compare statistics, as much as you can trust such things.....easy one, population v. deathtoll...also, considering the length of what is, realistically a near total shutdown here, what is this? How exactly is it being transferred? Comparison to deathtoll of ordinary flu? Age of victims, location? Apparent inability of modern medical science to find a cure ( ask Porton Down perhaps, they're pretty good at virology. Here comes FIBUA and for a reason......or two or several...demographic...too many old people, debt,or economy absolutely unsustainable, too many need for war, that's too long getting results...lets create a totally false crisis and cull..well all but the most necessary. That's a maybe, but one I've been expecting for some time, different delivery though, I thought it would be by turning the electricity off...
...and the award for the Best Surreal Conversation With Oneself goes to............CIGGIE!!!!!

Lets have a big round of applause there folks... ;-)
...and the award for the Best Surreal Conversation With Oneself goes to............CIGGIE!!!!!

Lets have a big round of applause there folks... ;-)
I’d usually blame the mind bending drugs, but he reckons his dealer is in isolation.
He’s either on a natural high or the virus is making him hallucinate.


You can dislike my posts all you like, but selfish ignorant cunts like you should be charged with manslaughter.
I hope you contract covid19 and suffer a long slow lingering death.
Isn’t Wickes a hardware store (never been in a Wickes)? I thought they’re allowed to stay open?
DIY place, not vital to keeping the country going at all.


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#clapforourcarers......... what dumb cnut thought out that one to salute our brave medical personnel ?
At 8 tonight. It'll be dark and it's chuffin' cold at Maison Scum, so even though SWMBO is a nurse, there'll be bugr'all clapping going on at this gaff.

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