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Full of large coloured gentlemen of Asian extraction..
No doubt their forebears came from the colony known in happier times as "The Jewel In The Crown".


Remember it well, I'm still trying to catch them Duke boys. :D
If you had hired some smarter deputies than Enos or Roscoe you may have had them in jail for most of that series run. For shame!


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Well indeed; an Egg Bipa!
The egg was fried for far too long, no drippy yolk from that. I'll stick to the traditional egg banjo thanks very much.


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That is the "updated" version. It was only uploaded onto YouTube today, although I think that it is from October.
October, November, December and January. What 'triggered' me was the picture, its the same face wearing a top hat, albeit the clip is not staged but on a stage, not very different to all the others :)
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