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I always imagine your cum face as being akin to a stroke victim trying to whistle. I may be wrong, but..............
I'm slightly disturbed that you imagine what my cum face may look like...
After, we had a call to alarms there, I ended up locked in one of the wings and there she was, staring at me. Fortunately a maintenance chap came in and got me out.
I went to school a school called CF
Ignoring the ever-so beautifully sewn seams on a pair of Cervins knitted on a Reading machine. Completely abandoning that beautiful curve around the lady's thigh caused by the tension in the suspender pulling the stocking top up. Throwing to the winds the dead giveaway that the lady is wearing stockings that the Cuban heel and sewn seam gives.
Ok keep going


No idea, but it’s clear we have different tastes. In my book, there’s little better in life than a beautiful woman in a full set of matching lingerie and heels.
Can't beat a pair of black stockings and a suspender belt with a giggle band*

*Garter, called a giggle band because if your hand got passed that you were laughing.
Because . . . . . just, because . . . . :) .


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