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"Aspiring" rap artist? As soon as he records a song that peaks at 98 on the Top 100, his career will be effectively over and will only be employable as a barista.
He will never find employment


If only it was a joke.

“To be stuck in a house, and end up dying… dude I’m dying to make music. That’s the way I look at it. It’s very black and white.

“She ended up getting caught and ended up being murdered and yo – I’ve been put at gunpoint and I’ve had a lot of serious s*** in my life before and like seeing that… you can’t get any worse than being killed off in your own country.”
I'm sure he only wants his 15 minutes of fame ..... To go with his IQ of 15
Never thought I would hear one of Queens tune played by a marching band

I have no affection for - or affiliation with - the RLC, so I am more than happy to propose that as the new (or alternate) RLC Regimental march :) .

Well . . . except for these fellas, of course!!

Strange drill movements ?! :( .

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Love watching those old shows. Liked the one with Phil Silvers as Sgt Bilko

A few other favorites. Groucho Marx as funny as ever.

A great round of What's My Line with David Niven and one of his former charges from the HLI.

Why do people think these memes are funny?
I've seen hundreds posted here and every ******* one of them is utter shite.
I don't get the whole triggered biatch / white cat meme thing. Every version I've seen is as dire as the last. :? They should just stop it.
Ah the halcyon days of post war motoring development … none of your poofery of seat belts , air bags , trafficators , anti theft systems , complex electronics or engine management systems for the motor cycle engine ... just an egg shell body held together by pop rivets over what looks like a really sturdy base … Hi Hi.
I was impressed by the subtle touch of the steering wheel pointing towards the head ready for instant decapitation as the result of a head on collision and bits of the wiring harness discretely hanging under the bodywork . I wonder if more than ten of these death traps were produced .

I give you ... the ATOM ...

ETA Later discovered 44 were manufactured .... Linky ... Fairthorpe Cars - Wikipedia
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