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"Time to get up baby. There's a man at the front door and he's got an Escort with a boot"

She's learning!


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They are all lying cnuts and should be got rid of. There are better alternatives open to intelligent human beings than so-called democracy.

Got to the stage now, I see deepfake everywhere....
For inspection....PORT ARMS...

The Woolongong flight was easy compared to the 747 that landed at the Qantas museum at Longreach. Allegedly they were on Still, bare minimum fuel with all the seats out, and even then it only just stopped before the end of the runway.
I've related the tale before (thrice, it seems; must be getting old) of the Antonov pilot who mistook the Dhekelia helipad for Larnaca International:
Still, it meets the 'bare minimum fuel with all the seats out' criterion.
16 Flt AAC were most surprised.

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