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As soon as they get the money from the BA, it's not the governments any more, as soon as working peoples pay their taxes it's not theirs any more, so the recepients do pay taxes. Claiming ownership of something you have given up doesn't work. All money is recycled.
Benefit recipients may pay "indirect" taxes (VAT etc)agreed.
It could be argued that the money is not the governments(?)
The government is merely a distribution agency for the peoples' money.
Benefits are, or should be, just a loan from the public purse to see someone over until he/she can get back into employment and repay it,


On a lighter note .... one of the best compilations of video clips I have seen for some time ... then again I can be easily pleased ... unfortunately the background music is somewhat irritating ...

Turned out I wasn't that bothered watching it once, let alone twice.

But the ladder bit at the beginning was clever.



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