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Can a woman commit rape in law?

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Yes, when he though the strap-on she was wearing was a joke....


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Something for the weekend...


Joshua Slocum

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trolled scientist fights back
she is bloody nauseating to listen to though
apparently you need a really really really big telescope to see black holes
who knew ?

are you signed into to you tube
also scroll down, after you post a comment it often moves down a bit, not sure why
All signed in. I’ve been through the settings (minefield) & nothing is set to private or anything like that. As I say, I’ve Googled & YouTubed all to no avail. I’m at a loss.



Watched Cat Shit One. It is really as good as everyone is saying it is.


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The stuff of nightmares....but probably some good tactical uses.

It's for animal lovers who enjoy horsey things, but not own a horse, as it enslaves said horse.

When they grow up, do they become pony-girls? Asking for a friend who doesn't wear photo-sensitive corrective eyewear...