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Nuneaton???? Nuneaton????? Are you in any way connected with Marconi? My old man nearly got sent there, thank **** he ended up in Dalgety Bay. Worse still there was a chance he would be sent to Septicland. The fates eh? Better learning Jockanese than Failed-Accountant- Speak, or even worse...gobbledegook....

@Ciggie, when were you in Dalgety Bay? I lived there as a boy from 71 to 85. I well remember the discos at the Marconi Social Club. Another one on the list of places I've failed to get off with anybody.

I've been contemplating doing this with the email I get in the company spam filter. Just auto respond to each individuals spam email from a fake email address with autorespond turned on with every other spammers email addresses marked in the CC email field. Let them all fight it out between themselves.
Guaranteed fake....and not that funny...please try harder and this banana might be yours before it goes black.
More amusing than most of the dross you inflict on us.
"...just three ingredients - oatmeal, water and salt."
Disgusting. Cream and syrup is vital.
Close. Apple chunks fried in butter with brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon and a pinch of salt instead of syrup, and a splash of whisky with the cream.
More likely Bed'uth. My first posting there - I arrived in Trumpton house 10:00, within 5 mins pager goes and we tip out to a mickey call, get back and the back door kicked in and all my stuff nicked whilst still boxed.
Nowt wrong with Bedworth that can't be cured with a nuclear explosion.

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