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No comment.... oh, alright....very, very unlucky fucker...within an ace of a Darwin...I suppose ye can't win every time, eh !

Indeed life is strange..... or rather septic life....View attachment 412422
I would think that would be of more interest to women than to men...and to certain women, especially so. That's a very large piece of equipment to have in your living room though. It would fit better in the dominatrix dungeon rec room perhaps.


A clever piece of video editing perhaps?

Add your nominees accordingly.

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I know that Ma' am doesn't exactly flash out on the servants' pay but fucks sake...taking their clothes away and locking them in their rooms when they're not on duty is a bit much. I was going to say I hope he threw a mattress out of the window first to land on, but....nah...a mattress ? A mail bag full of straw perhaps....

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