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I jest somewhat, the Jag did have a Decca Navigation Radar.

The Indians have equppied their's with an AESA now

With cutting-edge AESA radar, Jaguar is IAF's first fighter
Not on the UK Jags. The UK GR1 jags had LRMTS (Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker} in the nose, the two glass panels at the front are for the laser to look out of.

The UK Trainers didn't have the LRMTS, and both had inertial navigation systems and a moving map display. No radar apart from the SSR.
iirc we had the same plan with vulcan and gnats
I recall something about that. The Gnats were to be equipped as piloted cruise missiles, with the pilots ejecting before impact. (I doubt they'd have bothered). Presumably the Vulcan crew would take the advice to fly on, find a nice Mongolian* girl and settle down, there being nothing to which to return home.

*Other East Asiatic peoples are also available. Limited time offer on various nomadic tribes, regrettably.
Masses of stuff online about it. Loads of unwashed invaded the site recently and because there were so many the police were effectively helpless to stop them.
Those nasty capitalists. The nerve of them manufacturing iPhones and the bum bags in which the crusties carry them, not to mention the power to charge them.

Their diet, accommodation, education and clothing don't even need mentioning.

Shut it all down, I say!
So I thought I’d have some new jewellery made and I spotted this!

I wonder if there’s a queue for new orders?

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