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Presumably they’ve taped up those holes in his hands and feet...
I would imagine that if you tried to recreate his stigmata he'd fart and fly out of the window.
Beautiful part of the Broads is Horning.

Trouble is the bulk of the surrounding land sits on a bed of centuries-old peat (which is the reason why the Broads exist). The older properties will sit on hand-driven wood pilings-which, in turn, sit on hand-driven wood pilings.

Silly people.

It's worked for Venice......... they shouldn't have used 4 be 2 pilings from B&Q.
"'s someone who needs an MBE"
According with the values in our society today, she should be awarded a senior place in our legislature and £300 per diem. All depends on how many 'followers' and 'friends' she has.

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