All Internet links/videos/pictures in here ONLY

Personally I'd be moving the general direction of "Away". As fast as my little legs could carry me.
Me too but it seems these days getting a vid to put on soshal meja far out weighs personal safety.
Sorry Kirkz and Eggs...I must have missed that somehow first time round...probably on ROPs at the time....when The Duke is feeling particularly wrathful it is alot of catching up....
My first like after my ROPs ended.
Who else did I promise a like to?
Get some vinyl overlays to go over the sockets to indicate the phases, and a warning notice in each area
its poor practise though as a fault could lead to death lots of death
Our Sparkies were asked to fit new power socket for a new VTC suite. Those in charge did not ask for no - break. However the Sparkies only had the RED sockets so that is what I plugged into. RED is of course no break.

All fun until we trialed the "new" VTC suite.Live VTC with students from all over and ... Bang lost power .

BUT we are connected to the red no-break power supply?

All gone, worse was that the switch has port security and needed to contact some IT guy in Belgium to allow us to connect again.

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