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40,000 Year old wolf head found frozen.
Daily Telegraph.
Russian and Japanese scientists have unveiled the first intact adult head of an Ice Age wolf species, which was preserved in permafrost for 40,000 years.

They hope that the unique find will help them learn more about an ancient predator that roamed Europe and Asia alongside the woolly rhinoceros and mammoth, including its ultimate fate.

Expert skip-diver and collector of other people's junk, @Kirkz has got first dibs on the skull.
Our spark has already pointed this out to them, but it's local government, nothing will be done until an elected member or high ranking official has something go wrong.
Then they will totally overreact and ban use of any sockets in the rooms at all instead of sorting it.

In the meantime I have hidden all the excess mains leads for the tables so they will have to really go out their way to **** it up for now. Problem is they are bog standard kettle type and it just takes one smart-arse to think they know what they are doing.

The big room partitions into different rooms and each smaller room seems to have only one phase. the risk is when they join the rooms and tables together for a bigger meeting.
Get some vinyl overlays to go over the sockets to indicate the phases, and a warning notice in each area
its poor practise though as a fault could lead to death lots of death

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