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Can't find it on a non-facebook format.
Bugger cannot get the link to work , Anyone have another link?

Anyway reminds me of a trip with the Italian Army to a shooting range in Naples.

Police range , Captain in charge took about 12 Iti soldiers and me into the range, he stood at the firing point and told them, me, us to step back , so he was at the firing point and we were down range, I made my way up , behind him.

He showed them a Baretta pistol, loaded it and just said " well you all know how to use this so we shall go on!.

One said " Sir , never seen one , how does it work? How does the safety catch work.?"

Captain just said , "Its easy and with only 5 rounds you don't need a safety catch."

I walked out.

During the "shoot" on every detail one or more of the firers had a stoppage and a cut thumb/finger.
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Well, that's what my discharge papers say. And in my day most folks didn't dress up their CS95 or other smocks like a bunch of really paramilitary Girl Guides.
Thats Odd, because the RAMC DZ Flash has been around since 1941 for the Parachute Field Ambulance.

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