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Not quite sure where I'm going with this one

When you have decided . . . P L E A S E . . . do NOT share it with the rest of us!! ;) .
Not quite sure where I'm going with this one

This guy thinks he's hot, with his corn dogs covering his little cocktail weenie and all, but he really isn't. Disgusting. I can't even be arrsed to post the RSM decrying blatant poufery to show my disgust. Have a button mushroom, meme instead. ;-)

Mushroom joke.jpg
Cool. I'm not up on the particulars of that belief system, but Thor's Hammer is one of the alternate belief system symbols that the government is willing to carve on your slab when you're gone instead of one of the Big Three. I think it looks kind of hip.

Thor_s Hammer.JPG
I hope people dont mind me posting this vid again . Last time I posted was just a few minutes before news of the Notre Dame fire broke and I dont think it got the views it deserved . Interesting video (apart from the last clip about cable jointing)
I absolutely detest the media...wall to wall shite, and this comic for the mentally challenged is one of the worst offenders. This is news???? I remember flicking a book on the very same subject in a library in the UK a good 7 or 8 years ago...and the fecking book was at least that old. Twats. And they expect poeple to donate money to fund this shite....waaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population

Edited to add: The modern world is a fucking joke, so it is. From the same rag I wouldn't wipe my arse with....but this rhetoric is everywhere...this, relating to the shooting of Danny Welsh:

In a statement late on Wednesday, Police Scotland said: “His death is being treated as suspicious and inquiries are continuing. Officers will continue to provide a high-visibility presence in the area to engage with the public, offer reassurance and gather information that can assist with this investigation.

A fucking shooting being treated as 'suspicious'....well, well, welll, who would ever have thought. The deductive powers of Lothian and Borders finest still as sharp as ever. A fucking high- visibility prescence...what, they are keeping their dayglo pseudo-uniforms on then...hmmm must be very serious. Engage with the public...what? Are they going to be shooting them? Offer reassurance???? Don't worry Mrs McFriedmarsbar, we'll make sure the bastards who done this aren't gonnae shoot you. ( Aye, fat lot ay good youse were fer Danny, eh ?) And gather information that can assist with this, I thought that was standard procedure....

What a load of fucking drivel, but this is what we are subjected to day in day out these days. The world: FUBAR.
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MoD seem to be pretty uneducated these days...just browsed for images of regimental badges and insignia and sidetracked to this:


I quote: Typically a Major will be given command of a sub-unit of up to 120 officers and soldiers....

Apart from thinking that the RN were responsible for subs, that seems to be one fuck of alot of officers..I thought there had been defence cutbacks but clearly it's a red herring..the Army must be absolutely fecking enormous...

...yep, seems I was right..WO1's are the senior advisors of their unit's Commanding Officer with leadership, discipline and welfare responsibilities of up to 650 officers and soldiers and equipment.

OK a bit pedantic, but for fuck's sake...this was obviously written by someone determined to mangle the Queen's English...that it has probably been edited before being placed for worldwide consumption on the interweb is just plain shocking. What a great advert...we can't even knock a grammatically correct and accurate
sentence together in our own language. Super. Not.
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The Bob Ross Show - as interpreted by "deep dream" and "wavenet" Artificial Intelligence

For those of a certain age imagine those summer holiday tv mornings of 'Paint Along With Nancy' - if you took LSD before tuning in
An accurate I have been told... :oops:
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Always l;ooks like someone stuck engines and wings on a shark and inserted some guns in its nose...
Beautiful design IMHO...way ahead of its time...look at some of the shite that followed WWII, notably septic stuff..they've rarely managed to produce anything 'aesthetic',cars,planes,locomotives...yes, I know some would disagree, but when set against European stuff the difference is obvious.
Send him to Torquay & Paignton on a rainy day?
No! I've just had a brain wave! Send him gift wrapped, appropriately fitted with a gimp mask and ball gag, to Castle Sluggo. Our Sluggy would get endless entertainment out of torturing the poor simp. She might even think of amusing things to do with his collection of corn dogs on a stick. :-D
Great Patrotic War memorial, Rzhev of the "meat grinder" fame, when the Russians suffered massive losses pushing Army group Centre back from the drive on Moscow.
Do you recommend any book in particular about Rzhev?

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