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I've watched a few of these. This interview with a Vietnam Veteran is very compelling - including an account of the Idrang (Sp?) Valley. Skip to about 14 mins onwards. Also: spot the British soldier reference.

The death on the cross was to pay for the sins of others. Sinners can't enter heaven as they are sinners. Christ is a redeemer (he pays the price), by dying for our sins so we could enter heaven.

Given he points out in the Gospels he could call down "angels with flaming swords" he was well aware of what he was doing.
Ignoring the whole 'did he or didn't he die on the cross' contemplation, the other part of this never made any sense to me.

If all sins were forgiven, then surely nothing anybody has done since that date is a punishable or attributable sin. Why do believers need to commit acts of contrition to remit venial sins? Why would Catholics need to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness, if they are pre-forgiven as a core tenet of the faith?

As I say, this never made any sense to me, but then again I told my parents I was not going to church anymore, at the age of nine, after a disagreement about the resurrection and all God's children being equal.
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