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Got a stinking head cold, cannot but think a quick name rank number and fumble to the door would do me the world of good
Grandmother's maiden name for good measure!
This is pure gold..............advising MPs to take taxis home????????????? Because they're fucking hated..... Ooooh, oooh, the evil of it, the criminal offence, the huge risk to the public of someone with a camera following a cunt and calling them a Nazi. If it wasn't for the fact that such prosecutions actually trivialise the judical system whilst elevating, by lax definition, the most basic 'offences', to the status of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with corresponding punishment this would almost be funny.

MPs advised to travel in groups to avoid abuse over Brexit

Britain has been applying the advanced tactics of totalitarianism on its vegetable populace for quite some time now. It really is time for people to
MC5 - top band...

I must dig out my copy of Kick out the Jams over the weekend - haven't played it for ages :)

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