All Internet links/videos/pictures in here ONLY

That’s a long way down if they’ve been slipshod with building or materials. Looks impressive though.

finnisharrse, are you just sharing everything you see on this new found internet of yours?
Heheheheh.......takes me back to hollowing out a big strawberry, filling it with chilli powder, sticking the top back on and hiding it in a bowl of innocent ones sprinkled with sugar in the fridge one hot summer. Ex gets back from work...fancy some strawberries my little swamp-lily?
Is that why she is your ex, may I ask?
No, as stated before. A mere fraction of the world, whilst on my back (not receiving pleasure).

I guess I can stop posting to keep you happy, if that’s the consensus view.
This is rapidly becoming the Finnisharrse internet links only thread.

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