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Right, the Captain has just been on to me on the phasers...whatever the fuck that thing on my wrist is called...and Scotchy and Leuitenant Splifter are about to beam me up to another planet......have fun, I'll have a kebab , badly wrapped of course....this is Spain after all.....
OK, one for the road for that...on a serious note...having over 30 years' experience watching 'fast food' taking over...I have little sympathy with the fat cunts who flock to the places.

I've been doing booze and dope - sensibly but to excess at times - for over 40 years and am in hale health ( didn't even mention the tabs...). Why ? Because I am not a fucking glutton and when it starts to hurt my body I know how to leave off. It's not fucking difficult- even a twerp like me can do it with substances that are supposedly more dangerous than food but seem to do less damage. Right - una copa de anis triple por favor.....
I've never driven a tank. I don't suppose I ever will, but that is one stunt I'd be itching to do.
The biggest thrill of driving a tank would be to actually get it to anywhere near the speed in the vid

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