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In my city in Slovakia is a museum containing 'The Kosice Gold'...a pretty big collection of coinage, chains and other jewellery in gold found over the years in several caches discovered in the last couple of hundred years. I was quite surprised at the level of security: almost nonexistent. I later found out that during Communism the collection had been removed to Prague for 'cleaning and renovation and safekeeping' for some time before being returned. Hmmmmmm...I wouldn't be at all surprised, especially considering the crap level of security, if what was returned were gilded fakes....
I am on leave today, with an empty house listening to L.S.C Rides Again. I had forgotten how nuts it is. Someone took the yellow from my egg..... Thanks for reminding me of a top album man.

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Rides Again
And @Kirkz - Have you seen the LSC in colour on YouTube (think he's on 'It's the 1965 Show'). Absolutely barking! A must see.

I remember hearing Paralyzed on John Peel but seeing him do his stuff live!!!

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