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Been waiting for the video on DM site to play again . It's there - L plate clearly visible at about 19s in.
DM report doesn't mention licence & retest penalties - only the jail sentence.
From the DM article " He was jailed for 15 months after pleading guilty to dangerous driving at Croydon Crown Court.

He was also disqualified from driving for 31 months, and will be required to complete an extended test to regain his licence."
hard to feel sorry for them, crims try to get away from the police, drive on the wrong side of the road, hit the barrier and then 12 tonnes of coach
burglaries in that area drop
Two die in crash after police pursuit
On the other hand, a number of police officers will have their time wasted by having to give the purpetrators families the impression they care.
they have had real problems in London with gangs of yobs riding quads, motocrossers and race replicas taking over the roads and threatening the public...

oddly one of the same breed got taken out in Bristol today, of course the bike was stolen !
The obvious stolen ones are those being ridden with a 5 litre can of unleaded propped up on the riders knees or between their feet (as per the moped rider at around the 50 second mark) in readiness to torch the bike once the fun's over...
Is there a chance that they were experimenting with EMP effects and how to counter them?
From the wikipedia article, it says that the 1.4 MT burst took almost 10 satellites out not from the explosion, but from the radiation belt that the burst caused. Pretty interesting. I had never heard of Operation Fishbowl

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