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Most agree that nose-picking is an unseemly habit. But a casual observation of drivers (who seem to think no one can see them through clear glass) suggests that a lot of people pick when they believe no one’s watching.

Setting aside the shame of being busted knuckle-deep in nostril, can picking your nose hurt your health?

Yes - if you had been picking the clarts out of your butt-hole first...........................:eek::rolleyes:


He hasn't been signed off on handkerchiefs, obviously.
**** me....did your parents die in a car crash when you were little and **** up the trust fund ?
I might as well just state my age once and for all as in the past few days I have been mistaken for a coffin dodger and now a trustafarian. I´m 38, grew up on a council estate and have a chip on both shoulders.

you old coffin dodger


Previous to this post, did Brano have anonymity?
The number of Branos in Slovakia, he doesn't have that much to worry about, same in NY as well no doubt, about as common as John in English. His family name is very common too, but that might narrow it down. He's legal in the US anyway....

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