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Arrse parenting technique.....



Well that sucked all the fun out of it. I bet you’re the life and soul of the party :)
The only fun to be had out of politics does in fact involve sucking the fun, and in fact any digestible substances out of unsuspecting marks...and that's just socially. Which party ? As I used to say and do in my student years in Aberystwyth, in those rare moments when I was articulate...doesn't matter which party, you'll find lots of drunken cunts out of their heads in all of them...
In the mid 90s a Slovak mate was invited to go to the US by some septic mutual friends who had also been working in Slovakia...he was offered a pretty lowly job in the small brokerage firm where they were working. Can't have been all that difficult. He's still there now, and according to one of the yanks on the QT, making more money than most of his American colleagues...more power to you Brano mate!!!
Previous to this post, did Brano have anonymity?
Proabably been done before as old....

I've heated tins in the exhaust of a Stally.
I've nearly been heated in a stolly. POL on BAOR exercise whatever... endex and just a few minutes from Alanbrooke and hey, ho. Fire on the louvres where a couple of nobbers had left gonk bags - kipping in the warm on the drive 'home'.

Iirc it was kero at the back but never-the-less, a bit of a bonfire on the back of a pol wagon focussed the mind a bit quick.
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Most agree that nose-picking is an unseemly habit. But a casual observation of drivers (who seem to think no one can see them through clear glass) suggests that a lot of people pick when they believe no one’s watching.

Setting aside the shame of being busted knuckle-deep in nostril, can picking your nose hurt your health?

Yes - if you had been picking the clarts out of your butt-hole first...........................:eek::rolleyes:


He hasn't been signed off on handkerchiefs, obviously.

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