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Going through my dad’s garage, sorting through his tools and bits and bobs.
I found a rudder from an Avro 504.
Also a canvas side for a Vickers Gunbus.

I’ll be aiming to restore the rudder and mountit on a wall in my lounge.


I have been on light aircraft (i think it was a twin otter) in borneo where I was convinced that I was going to die, they were flying vfr just over the top of the jungle canopy and the turbulence was extreme, the back door which I was sat next to was not closed properly, the cockpit, the co pilot kept trying to push the throttle forward and the pilot kept slapping her hand away.

This flight was liek a bus service so it stopped off a lot on the way, at every air strip the copilot had to get out and go to the terminal building for some reason. Sometime they would both go and leave us (8 of us) in the plan with the keys.

Anyway, i wish I had filmed it but the female copilot could not walk in a straight line and staggered to and from the terminal building (a shed). Maybe she was airsick, maybe she was drunk, maybe she just had an amusing sense of humour, I dont know but that was hands down the most terrifying flight I have ever been on. There is literally nowhere to make a forced landing in the interior of borneo, it´s all jungle and hills, the rivers and too narrow so if you're going down then you're going to crash.

I dreaded getting picked up and taken out of the jungle by them 4 weeks later. One guy in our group raided the medical kit (what was left of it) and found some diazepam and took a handful to get him through it. We had to drag him to the plane.
It would seem gap years aren't entirely useless after all.....
Arrse parenting technique.....



Well that sucked all the fun out of it. I bet you’re the life and soul of the party :)
The only fun to be had out of politics does in fact involve sucking the fun, and in fact any digestible substances out of unsuspecting marks...and that's just socially. Which party ? As I used to say and do in my student years in Aberystwyth, in those rare moments when I was articulate...doesn't matter which party, you'll find lots of drunken cunts out of their heads in all of them...
In the mid 90s a Slovak mate was invited to go to the US by some septic mutual friends who had also been working in Slovakia...he was offered a pretty lowly job in the small brokerage firm where they were working. Can't have been all that difficult. He's still there now, and according to one of the yanks on the QT, making more money than most of his American colleagues...more power to you Brano mate!!!
Previous to this post, did Brano have anonymity?
Proabably been done before as old....

I've heated tins in the exhaust of a Stally.
I've nearly been heated in a stolly. POL on BAOR exercise whatever... endex and just a few minutes from Alanbrooke and hey, ho. Fire on the louvres where a couple of nobbers had left gonk bags - kipping in the warm on the drive 'home'.

Iirc it was kero at the back but never-the-less, a bit of a bonfire on the back of a pol wagon focussed the mind a bit quick.
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