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This is his own, personal vickers gun by the way. Next time you are thinking about criticising our American cousins just remember, that is the only civilised country in which you may own a fully functional vickers gun. God i wish I had one.
Move to the good old US of A then.
I agree that many of those rules are stupid and there should be exceptions - muslims for example, ought to go through a stricter line than the rest of us (the shock!) but i actually think that the more human contact the air crew have to have with the ground staff the better. A number of passenger airline pilots have been caught being too pissed to fly in this way.

The recent japanese pilot got caught because the bus driver on the way to the plan smelled the alcohol coming off him

Drunk Japanese pilot arrested at Heathrow
My father was the British Airways Station Maintenance Manager at Anchorage in the 70's, he used to comment when a pilot didn't smell of alcohol because it was such an unusual occurrence!
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That does not comfort me at all.

I only ask that my pilot is trained, experienced and is not off his head on something
Did you ever get a commercial airline flight in the 70s? Still here, aren't you? ;-)

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