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Yes, mostly to the pub, off licence, drug dealer or the COSHH cupboard.
Incidentally, we're far too refined for drug dealers here y' joins a dope club, typical membership 20 euros lifetime ( which might not be that long...), menu, weighed in front of you, bar, pool table ( in my favourite anyway, and quite hard to find in bars...)bring your own booze and they don't mind...only setback is they play alot of that shite that sounds like heavy industry trying to improve their taste with stuff like JB Hutto....


Shame they stopped at the Aristocracy, should've carried on until the whole country was guillotined the cheese devouring garlic loving white flag waving cnuts.
Not long back from "vacance" in Frogland.. Been nipping over there for years, believe it or not the cnuts are improving slightly and will speak English when even low denomination notes are waved.
Amusing, but.
Have a look at the guy on the left, supposedly monitoring the x-ray images on his screen.

Not a fukcing twitch.

Just goes to prove what I've always suspected, that these blokes, all over the world, are zoned out most of the time, and you could put a Mills grenade through on of those scanners and get zero reaction.

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