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You tell me, Gibson was born in the US, raised in Australia and because of his Irish ancestry has an Irish passport....

One thing he isn't is Scottish, which was my original point
He's Septic (The twat)
They’ve seen better days since that photo was taken.....

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I like that photograph. Cliff (PBUH) has the Correct, Concerned, Righteous, Front-Row, Noble Brigadierish face on, knowing that I-donated-to-this-Farce-and-I'm-Important-enough-to-be-Photographed so better look Righteous even if I look like a chicken about to be strangled, while the fellow on his right needs to get to the bog quick-quick or there'll be a pile on the plastic garden seat.
‘The only thing he has ever done is downloaded child pornography.
Well that's OK then, those kind of defence lawyers - how so they sleep at night? Would they be happy to ofer-up ther children's photos for the enjoyment of their clients? After all, it's 'only' child pornography......there are clearly no victims, nothing to be ashamed of.

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