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apparently this gadget was used to measure the water temperature in the river, and the height of the tide, not used now that modern technology has taken over, but one of those odd little thing you could pass every day and never notice
my old man used to take people on guided walks around London, its under bodiceas arse if you want to find it

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Tide and temperature, with a cup and banana, how?

Beaten to it. Must read quicker.

txt spk has always been a bit of a no no on Arrse probably because the vast majority of us are old cnuts.

And because we all learnt to communicate succinctly. It's not like there's a 160 character limit here.


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Should have had his/her license lifted at the previous renewal period. 80 is too old to let someone drive on crowded public roads, which describes most of the UK road network. Too late now; the Grim Reaper got him.
You do realise that the 30yo was the one who was driving the on the wrong side of the motorway? And he was a bloody foreigner!


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The old couple were the foreigners driving on the wrong side.
Mea culpa, first report I read than other day had it the other way round.
Where's the "groan" icon when you need it most - good one though.

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