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Bring back the cleared death strip - tripwires, claymores, pressure mines, FFS, it's not difficult
That's quite a bit more than just cutting the fvcking grass, but I'm not totally opposed :)

Just seems like a ridiculous state of affairs when you've got a place that is supposed to be secure (it's a prison, FFS!), and the security is so shite that they prisoners are off their tits on drugs and assaulting officers and other prisoners. The officers are either threaders but pension slaves, or join up and leave very quickly because of the discipline problems. Maybe needs an ex-RSM type as governor to knock some heads together and kick some arrses.
Bike says "Puky" on it! It's a bit small for pissed-up puky squaddies to steal.

But I think what you're getting at is that it is in Germany, but it says "ONLY", rather than "Nur". Then again, maybe the sticker-planter thought the kid spoke English, like his Mum. Maybe it was his Dad!
Then mummy did a FB post in English....self promoting business I think
Apparently there's an issue with people throwing contraband over the fence at prisons. HMP Lindholme, being an ex-RAF camp is a particular problem because of the length of the perimeter. The staff conduct searches of the "inner rimiter" ( :) ) :

Is it beyond the wit of man to cut the fvcking grass? There's obviously no labour shortage - which is weird as I had been under the impression that they're severely undermanned. Yet they can find the manpower for this completely nugatory exercise.

Policing longest prison fence 'impossible'
I wondered about cutting the grass even before reading Roadster's written comments.

At RAF Croughton we had a somewhat similar problem: tall grass amongst dozens of radio masts and surface cables. So the Air Ministry leased out the area to local farmers to graze their sheep. It worked a charm.

NOTE: Sheep shagging comments are not required despite a new Chief of Security and Law Enforcement (then the Air Police) was claimed to have a college major in animal husbandry.
Bring back the cleared death strip - tripwires, claymores, pressure mines, FFS, it's not difficult
Take the bullion room at the Royal Mint. YES, PLEASE!! Granted it is within the Mint's perimeter fence, the bullion room is surrounded with crushed rock and the MoD Police K-9s are trained to respond to the sound of footsteps on that stuff.
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