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The museum have photographed the whole tapestry and reproduced it in original size and put that up. There is also a section of the original on display. It will be on display until 18th November. I think it will be well worth a visit. .
Thank you for the information, may have to pop down at half term.
Was at the local mexican restaurant getting a feed the other day, and saw a sign saying "Vegan Cheese now available".

Was trying to figure out how it was made, but guessed it would taste like spac filler.

Also remember there was a kerfuffle in the local rag a couple of months back with someone opening a "vegan butchers", with meat substutes made out of veggies. Most of the comments were along the lines of "Can I open a 'meat greengrocers' next door with veggies substitutes made from meat?".
it doesn't actually taste too bad. A mate is avegan and makes some decent dishes
It's conkers everywhere in Cheltenham.
Do children still play conkers?

Talk about blocking those narrow country roads!
Who needs electric cars, we should all have one of these, no time to use your phone though.

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