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Oops I wonder what happened there ?
I know Airlines are starting to take a tough line with troublesome passengers, and probably long overdue
but no one seems to know what happened here
Baffled family stuck in Canada after alleged 'pushing' incident
" . . . he and 12 of his relatives would not be allowed to board a flight to London Gatwick because 'someone had pushed a stewardess'."

So. Instead of identifying the guilty person, pitch the entire party off the plane. Well, THAT makes sense, I suppose.
At least he’s keeping a nice straight line going there....

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Fcuking idiot! But so is Trump; he's rolling back environmental regs on asbestos.

My father worked in the shipyards as a pipe fitter during WWII. His crew would install pipes and coming along behind them was the insulating crew. He said it was not unusual for one of those guys to call out some other man's name and when he turned around to catch a large, wet, asbestos snowball in the face. That could possibly be a criminal offence today.
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A nice low calorie breakfast at Wetherspoons......

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