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I think (?) the artist might be making the point that the doughboys of WW1 paid in blood for the rights of these grossly overpaid sports diva to 'take a knee' in protest to the American national anthem.

We don't agree with you but we'll die for your right to free speech*

*Although given the racial politics of the early 20th century US I think he might have been stretching an historical point a bit too far.
They aren't protesting the anthem though, only a complete mong would think that.


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German troops make a welcome return to the Channel Islands

I hope they get to visit the Underground Hospital and the fortifications on Guernsey and Alderney built with Russian and other slave labour under their predecessors' - maybe their grandfathers' - whips. As I understood it when visiting when my stepfather had a job there for a couple of years, those slaves dying of overwork were pushed into the concrete and left to set.
We even had reports of HETO walts! :D
Sitting on their arse and never getting out of the car when out on the network? A few years ago that was me that was. Mind you, I had an excuse - I was scouting out traffic management.

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