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Riight . . . so, you believe that your 'book' will be supported by uncredited and unsubstantiated images because you think that they might be accurate?
No. That's why I'm here.
I'll give you a little help: the original image first appeared around May 2016.
And what is wrong with the original image?
Now, can you provide any further information?
May be, may be not. Depends from too many circumstances.
I didn't ask him, I need photoes only as illustrations for my future book.
Like those British CH-47 Chinook in Mali, arrived there not too long time ago.
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They are there to conduct joint operations with the French.

Here is a Russian helicopter in Syria.Apparently shot down by "rebels" Five crew killed and the fifth airframe lost since 2015.
Put that in your book.
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Will gnobody think of the children?

I'm tagging @Fallingup in this. Just for fun.

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