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Where are you getting these from? They are brilliant !!! I had to laugh at the resemblance between Mr, or should I say Herr, Cock Van Der Palm, and a great friend of mine, who is a top class guitarist, record producer and ex-music director of Slovak Radio. He has been informed. Not amused was a third party report, heheheheheheh!!!!
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I didn't ask him, I need photoes only as illustrations in my future book.
Like those British CH-47 Chinook in Mali, arrived there not too long time ago.
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Riight . . . so, you believe that your 'book' will be supported by uncredited and unsubstantiated images because you think that they might be accurate?

As I said before, you are a liar.

I'll give you a little help: the original image first appeared around May 2016. Now, can you provide any further information?

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