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Apologies if this has been posted before. Excellent mini documentary from Forces TV 2016
Guardians Of The South Atlantic: UK Forces In The Falklands | Forces TV

I enjoyed watching this, although I did find it very funny at 01:50 mins, when Cdre Darren Bone was talking about the wildlife:
"The wildlife is extraordinary. You don't have to go searching for penguins. You can sit on the beach and you are surrounded by penguins and yet there are sheep in the same field or killer whales or whatever else"

Amphibious killer whales...
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So American Football players built their careers on the bodies of the BEF.........? - Did the "artist" have any idea how strong their last dose of crack was?
I think (?) the artist might be making the point that the doughboys of WW1 paid in blood for the rights of these grossly overpaid sports diva to 'take a knee' in protest to the American national anthem.

We don't agree with you but we'll die for your right to free speech*

*Although given the racial politics of the early 20th century US I think he might have been stretching an historical point a bit too far.
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