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I don't get're on ROPs - but posting. When I'm on ROPs I can do **** all ... doesn't seem fair : to my mind it should be one penalty for all....not that I expect it will change...I'm not that pissed (yet)!
Being ROPed should only restrict your use of the mong buttons, editing and PMing.
If you can't post then you've been banned.


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Brilliant pic posted elsewhere by an Italian friend ...who is a bloody stunner actually...I haven't a hope in hell...too many years between us...and no, no pics...nah,nah, not one, not even when totally addled. I couldn't take the responsibility for all the premature deaths brought on by frantic self-abusethat would follow. Really, I care deeply about you gentlemen's health y'know.
37013174_2613520415340574_2437629029809913856_n (1).jpg

Almost as funny as @Ciggie 's photo of the dog with a bit of ham on it's head.

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