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Done better on "Swag."

Swag (TV series) - Wikipedia

The general theme of the show was to trick members of the public into committing a minor crime (usually stealing) but then get their comeuppance in one way or another. There were some pranks that were repeated on multiple occasions, while others were one offs in a certain episode.

A very popular prank from the series was one where a car was parked on the side of a road with its keys in the door and left unlocked in order to tempt people to steal it. However, the car was fitted to lock when started and then do a variety of things, such as talk to the burglar or start snowing inside the car. They were eventually let out.

See at 3 minutes 30.

Mercury used to be used in mercury maze puzzles and the like. Eventually they could get a bit iffy due to the plastic or dust in the puzzle so didn't work so well. No disposal instructions. I used to wonder what the **** they were thinking using mercury for tooth fillings. As long as it stays in compound it should be okay....

Mercury was once used as a "cure" for syph.
The warm weather was always a give away for sufferers.
Exclusive coverage of the start of a Mumsnet staff meeting:

That sounded just...odd. I've no doubt any one of them could fold me up like a pretzel, but listening to it reminded me of the QAs on my JMQC Drill Test; a bit screechy whilst trying to artificially deepen their voices.

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