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Carefully aimed shots there.
Give the man a medal........ kept with the chase, returned fire, how many on this site have returned fire in contact with the enemy ?..... Slotted one, injured the other and his oppo finished him off with one shot from an 870.... good job all round... we should use these drills on the moped gangs over here...
Melons smashing melons....

The right tit looks more developed than the left. :? This is probably why she smashes things with the right tit and why it got stronger. Mind you, she's going to regret that when she's in her 60s as those bad boys are hanging pretty low as it is. ;-)


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Yes, but what is scoff like now in the age of PAYD? :?
Absolutely f*****g shocking. But still better and cheaper than cooking yourself, oh, hang on, no you cant do that because most of the 'kitchens' in the blocks do not have fridges or cookers that are pat tested and signed off on.

Marginally better than eating takeaways 3 times a day, unless you want to get proper fat of course.

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