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If she is that good, answer the following questions....
1. Why is she using a SharePoint "disposable" saw? Most professionals use quality, re-sharpenable saws.
2. Why hasn't she got the timber supported on a proper saw horse?
3. Why does she need to mark the timber all the way round? A professional knows his cuts are straight.
4. Why does she Mark her timber more than once on each side? Isn't her saw sharp enough?
5. Why have a Doris doing it? We know they can't do anything in a straight line, (parallel parking etc).
Why was she using an Engineers square to mark timber ?
Why was she using an Engineers square to mark timber ?
oddly, all of the professional chippies that work with me, and a few cabinet makers, use throwaway hardpoint saws, the keep sharp much longer, a fw still use old fashioned saws that are sent away for sharpening, but only for the really classy work
oh and most hardpoint saws have a square built into them and 34 degrees
CH-46 shot down (some say accident) in Grenada, 27 Oct 1983.

I'm sure I saw a similar sort of picture of a UH-60A Blackhawk also lost at Grenada, that went into the sea bob-on nose first, taking out all the crew and passengers.

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