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Interesting video of dangerous and dilapidated narrow guage railway. Check out the wagons...

"The Matritsa narrow-gauge railway is crucial to the survival of some villages in the Caucasus Mountains. They take it to school or to visit the doctor, and use it to haul loads. There are no roads in the area."

Vital narrow-gauge rail route in Russia | DW | 19.04.2018
Yet another example of how advanced a nation Russia is.

Or not as the case may be.

I think we should be frightened of them, 'cos their tanks could be driving down Whitehall, driven by 7 feet tall Soviet Russian supermen* any day now.

*defintely not off their tits after drinking neat anti-freeze, goodness me no, perish the thought.
This always reminds me of the missus...

I love that video. Got shown it on a course to break the tension of watching other less fun videos.

I developed quite a fondness for the large girl who goes for it, I reckon she doth go like a belt fed wombat in bed. Course, being a goth there is always the chance of suicide.

Anyway, cam here to post this.

I love these "third world fighting art master power of the mind alone" videos.

I'd love to see one of them trying this on some gang member high on spice and bangin' drill tunes, as he stabs the stupid fůck to death.
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