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This photo of a synchronised volley of mortars popped up on my Twitter feed compliments of the Turkestan Islamic Party (some Uighur group now in Syria)...
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I'm a Gunner, not a mortar specialist, but the shape of those rounds looks wrong.
I think the shape's fine for a Sov-style 82mm mortar, but the scale's wrong. At that size you should be able to see the tubes and the crews in that bush, and also the bombs are all exactly the same size. I call photoshop...

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Wait - I thought those were mutually exclusive.

Unless your definition of praying is "Oh God, I'm coming!"
Shirley, it's "one is arriving"..
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while we are on the subject of flying slags
A welsh slag get two bursts of gravity

He might be in Wales but nobody Welsh ever would have got caught by that last tackle. It was a belter and hopefully he broke his fall with his face.

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