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Trying to work out what that Saffer bloke was doing there at about 3:50.
So we have established josh and the porridge wog are deaf. Now we discover captain ridiculous is confused by international travel and immigration.
All that from a junkie robbing a little truck.

Where are they taking the Hobbits again?
Just seen this for the first time today so apologies if it's been done before. I do however have a new hero, wee Tempy. What a star.

"I'm 38 and a half and I can do a Triathlon"

Is it because you're carrying a few extra pounds Si?
2001 asked "Can I have my meme back please?".
Actually, the movie the clips were taken from (The Two Towers) wasn't released until 2002. That is at least how old that is. ;-) [Pedant mode off}


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