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79 400 gallons? at 8.3lbs to the gallon?
Yeah, right.
That's a smidgeon under 300 tons...
Not to mention 48,600 gallons of water at 8.35 lbs per US Gallon. Another 405,810 lbs or 203 US (short) tons... I have the rum at 311 short tons assuming it was 80 proof. All plus the weight of a significant number of barrels to contain it all. Plus crew, weapons, shot, powder and food.

Fairly impressive for a small wooden ship displacing just 2,200 tons light but I believe it is the case that such a ship could carry up to 50% of its light displacement.
There's a very similar blinged out 1911 in the Pattern room collection.. diamond and ruby encrusted with gold and fine engraving. It was ordered and paid for by "a foreign gentleman" who then vanished and left the jeweller with a Section V bauble!

Perfect piece of work.. (or it was until a certain Conductor dropped it on a bench...! :))
I do sometimes miss the wit of Judges. Drier than the sands of the Empty Quarter.

HHJ Lynch could have hanged that waste of oxygen for all I care.

Good drills Ma'am.

There is a legendary story I heard whilst in the Met about a DS who droped the c-bomb in Crown court.

Under cross-examination, the DS was asked if he had referred to a defendant in a robbery case as a "stupid cunt".

The presiding judge, asked why he had used such obscenity. At which point the reply, "Anyone who cuts the barrels off a £32,000 Purdey shotgun to do a £500 armed robbery is a stupid cunt in my book, Your Honour" was given.

"No further questions Your Honour" was heard as the defence advocate quickly sat down.

The DS then entered Met folklore for generations of future detectives.
Can I just say the outbreak of foul language on this thread is deplorable.

You cunts

Another great favourite of mine:

Two brothers summoned back to court for mocking a judge on Facebook after she decided not to send them to prison for dealing drugs have been jailed for two years.

Forty minutes after Daniel Sledden, 27, received a suspended jail term from judge Beverley Lunt, he posted online: “Cannot believe my luck 2 year suspended sentance beats the 3 year jail yes pal! Beverly Lunt go suck my dick.”

Drug-dealing brothers jailed after mocking judge on Facebook

I'm surprised Private Eye haven't used the 'Patricia Lynch QC refers...' yet.
Or maybe they have, and I missed it?
Can I just say the outbreak of foul language on this thread is deplorable.
You *****
Good enough for the House of Commons....
“During the election campaign in June, the Ealing Central and Acton Conservative candidate was met daily outside her home by a large group of Momentum and Labour activists yelling at her, and I quote, and please my Lords forgive the unparliamentary language, and block your ears if you are sensitive or easily offended, ‘fucking Tory cunt’,” she said.
Peer Drops C-Bomb In House Of Lords To Illustrate Abuse Received By Tory Politicians

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