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Bubba is on ROPS, Got a bit over excited about the thought of fresh meat so had to be restrained.

Plastic Device Sleeve Sex Toys A191 (red Without host)

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About the product
  • Material: Material: Plastic 3 Colors to choose: Clear/Black/Red/pink
  • Cage size: inner diameter: About 35mm, inner cage length: About 90mm, Ring: One set contain 5 different rings to you.(3.5cm/3.8cm/4.3cm/4.6cm/4.9cm)
  • 100% brand Made in China
  • Discreet Packaging: No item information on the label; Packed in a box, will not know the purchased item with touching. Your privacy will be good protected.
  • shipping to United States by China post,it will take about 10-20 days arrive.But do not rule out other causes the
As no one else asked: WTF were you searching for when you found THAT?
Celeb Get Me Outa Here......
Celeb Get me Oua Here.jpg
A certain Alf Garnett did that back in the 80s, when 'Marigold' was pushing him about, down at Upton Park.
I wonder if this chap will feature in a court case anytime soon?
a couple of years back at Eurodisney, we saw some young French lads Borrow a wheelchair and put their mate in it and push him to the pirates ride, of course they all accompanied him and went down in the lift and got in quicker
afterwards they pushed him round the corner and then just strolled off
cheecky buggers
I am trying that next time

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