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Is that Slugs getting a turn out of doors? Sort of disappointed that she doesn't have sharp knives affixed to the wheels of her spacker chariot as some ARRSERs have told me was true. :?
Slugs in her chariot.JPG
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I had to risk assess Shitlips in Upavon before I could take him into the office. I put him down as a "trip hazard". The stinking ginger bathmat.
Quoting myself, because someone just gave it a like, and I remembered this photo that is entirely true and not photoshopped by someone at all.


You can hardly see the join.

There's fewer more inspired and scurrilous pisstakes of three entire franchises, their common writer/production team, and large elements of their fanbase on the internet than this one from a guy rejoicing in the handle of Harrisbomberguy.

If you like Sherlock, with Bendydick Cucumberpatch and Martin Bilbo Hobbit, you aren't going to like this one.

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