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This evening I visited a service mate in hospital and took a printout of the original version showing a combination - open end and box end - wrench. None of the nurses I showed it to had worked A&E/ER so were not that familiar with the bizarre admits. Mate's daughter had been an Army nurse and had seen some weird stuff, but this one was new to her.

Without exception, they all got the giggles over it.
JAMBOSUN: Who the **** named you the official ARRSE "Old" Archivist? Get a ******* life. you ******

Furthermore, you were outvoted by one Like and ten Funnies.
I think if something's been posted on ARRSE a couple of times before, then an 'Old' is justified. Something seen elsewhere and deemed to be 'Old' by a self appointed "Archivist / Mod" indicates:


Now that is 'Old'​

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